Refund Policy

Our customers are always satisfied with our site. They usually don’t face any kind of trouble in making the purchase. You are at a trusted website where the chances of any kind of trouble while shopping is less than 1%. Here you will be getting information about our company’s refund policy in case of any mishap.

Contact our Support Team

The first thing you should do if you have an issue is to contact us. You can reach us at or via chat support. All of our customers are entitled to a 30-day refill guarantee if they contact us before that time. If we make a mistake, we will give you a full or partial refund. We will do everything possible to assure your satisfaction after we obtain information about your problems.

No Cancellation of Order

Note that there will be no cancellation of your order once it’s placed so, be cautious about what you’re ordering.

If You do not receive your order at all

In case, we haven’t been able to deliver your purchase due to some technical issues, we will be offering you a full refund.

If You receive your Order Partially

If you haven’t received your order completely, we will be refunding the cost of the services that we couldn’t deliver.

We have got Your Back

If you still have got any issues regarding your purchase, you can always contact us. If you’re not happy with our services, contact us, and we will make them happy for you.